Friday Finds

I came across this cutting board on Huffington Post in a section about the best wedding gifts and items found on Etsy – and I absolutely agree. This is the quintessential cutting board for any kitchen, and I am already thinking about who I can gift this to for the holidays. They have a large selection and are customizable in that you can choose something to be laser engraved on some of them, and you can choose what type of wood you would like. According to their website, it takes about 5-6 weeks for order fulfillment; looks like I’d better place my order soon!

Happy Friday (:


Pumpkin everything

There is just something special about this time of the year… When the weather finally starts to change and you can start wearing fall clothes (!!), when the leaves are changing color, corn mazes, apple picking, hay rides, and pumpkin everything!
Pumpkins, in my opinion, have an inherent relation to Halloween, you cannot have one without the other. I am so excited that it is finally the time of year when apple cider is available everywhere and you don’t have to hide your adoration for everything pumpkin flavored. I am currently on the hunt for a pumpkin bagel – lightly toasted with cream cheese? Yes, please.
Here is a small compilation of pumpkin and Halloween related things that I found on Pinterest (original links included) that I am so looking forward to enjoying this season.

one I love this butternut squash skull, it would make such an awesomely creepy decoration hanging by the front door to welcome guests, or maybe in a big bowl filled with small gourds and brightly colored apples
two Pumpkin pie french toast, need I say more?
three Pumpkin hot (white) chocolate. I can only imagine what this might taste like – pair this with a night in watching Are You Afraid of the Dark and you can’t go wrong
four I need to make this.

What are some of your Halloween favorites?


Saturday night was my first time trying Tapas, and it will certainly not be the last. Located in New Haven, CT near many of the bars and situated right next to a hotel is Barcelona. You will certainly miss it as I did at first, as there is no sign, just two wood doors.

Upon entering I realized I had made a rookie mistake by not calling ahead to make a reservation. We were directed to the bar to have a “glass or two of wine” which worked out perfectly as shortly after some seats opened up at the bar.
The bar had an open structure allowing you to see the kitchen right behind it, which I loved.

Narrowing down the selections from the menu was entirely too difficult. We ended up trying four dishes; crispy calamari with a smoked spicy pepper aioli, beef empanadas with smoky pepper sauce, chicken empanadas with an avocado puree, and potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce with a drizzled herb aioli. To finish we had crepas salguero, which were two crepes filled with vanilla and dulce de leche ice cream with a chocolate sauce on top.

I admit, I am a self-proclaimed “foodie”, and this food was so amazing. I had never had calamari that big and had only had it served with the traditional marinara sauce, so I was apprehensive at first that it would not be to my liking, but in fact it was the opposite; it was my first taste of Barcelona and I was in love.
I went to Barcelona with absolutely no expectations, and I was beyond impressed with everything. I am already planning to go back and try the steak paillard, the lamb meatballs, and the roasted garlic bulbs

Happy Veterans Day!